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A Little About Sara Loos…

sara-loos-lean-inSara Loos holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and started her career working in Account Management at highly creative ad agencies in New York and Los Angeles. She spent years serving large, corporate clients to help them build brand recognition and to increase market share.

It was the type of high-profile, sexy career that many dream about, but Sara found herself dreaming about something else. Despite the bright city lights and the brilliant professional future that awaited her, she was miserable, confused, unfulfilled…in the dark.

And so, Sara set out to find how to be really happy, how to fill the void that was growing larger and causing much pain. She left a glamorous career and salary and devoted her life to the pursuit of finding her authentic self, healing personal wounds, and solving the mystery of her real purpose in life.

In the process, she recognized her true gifts: the intuitive helping and healing of herself and others. She moved forward and achieved certifications in Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Language, the Mastery Programs at Robbins’ Institute, and various other self-development and healing modalities.

Her religious upbringing—along with her interests in, and connections to, spirituality and science—contribute to the success of her practice, which encompasses the wisdom of all three disciplines. She feels that all truth rests in the place where these concentric circles overlap.

A compassionate visionary, Sara craves enlightenment of the masses, which she knows is closer to our grasp than we might imagine. Sara wants, more than anything, for you to understand that you can access your perfect power, truth, and God-self, in order for personal transformation to happen rapidly. If you are seeking understanding and connection with your own divinity, she can help uncover this magical space through her workshops, new book, and/or one of her personalized and private mentoring programs.

Compassionate Change Agent – Spiritual Mentor – Empowerment Coach – Master Healer – Author – Mom

How is working with Sara Loos different from working with other coaches?

First and foremost, she teaches how to connect with your most divine self, so that the work becomes easy.

Sara’s work is based on spiritual principles. She firmly believes that each of us is wired to crave the natural Connection to our Creator/God/Spirit/Universe/Source (you choose the label). Unfortunately, many of us have had not-so-good experiences with religion that pushed us further from this Connection and, in some cases, shut it down completely. The majority of people today walk about in a fog, trying to accomplish everything on their own as if their independence is a sign of power. This depletes your soul and sends you wandering in the wrong direction. This is truly the root of our anxiety and pain. Sara’s work begins with teaching you how to discover your most valuable asset—the Connection that will genuinely make ‘your work’ easier and more rewarding. Most importantly, it will set you onto your authentic path, where you will live ‘on purpose,’ feeling loved, and enjoying life beyond your greatest imagining.

Sara doesn’t just heal you—she teaches you how to heal yourself.

While a session can quickly eliminate negative energy, emotions and behaviors can keep you felling stuck and stagnant. Sara feels it’s critical that you have the tools to make positive changes on your own. Every session includes follow-up ‘challenges’ to practice. Each one helps maintain your positive momentum, and can be done whenever, wherever. Life happens, and oftentimes that means we are presented with new triggers that can cause us to veer off our intended paths. Sara’s tools empower you to navigate over, under, around, or through any number of saboteurs.

There’s both inner and outer work

Real change begins within. Sara is highly skilled at exploring the landscape of your subconscious make-up, in order to communicate clearly and lovingly with you on a soul level. The majority of her sessions focus on the inner pieces that typically go unnoticed, and therefore, untouched. Ironically, these often-overlooked inner pieces are destructive as well as critical to enacting change. Following the inner work, she provides the goals, tangible tools, and action steps that are key to on-going evolution. This ‘outer work’ is what you’ll find in most typical coaching programs. The results are dramatic when both inner and outer work is combined.

Sara works with a large toolbox.

Trained in many healing modalities and having worked in her profession for over a decade, Sara has a vast collection of resources available to her clients. This allows her to customize her sessions to meet your specific needs, no matter what the requirements. She holds certifications in Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Language, and The Mastery Programs from The Tony Robbins Institute, among others.
Her greatest tool, however, is her keen intuitive skills, which allow her to go deep to the core of any issue and compassionately understand what is needed for real change…real transformation.

Sara uses a fun, simplified approach.

Self-development can feel intimidating, exhausting, and oftentimes just plain unapproachable. Many teachers talk in concepts that are complicated and ‘heady.’ If you can’t understand the concepts being taught and find them easy to implement into your own life, you’re never going to apply them. Results for most people are hovering in that middle space, that space between desire for change and the understanding of how to make it happen. Sara prides herself on taking complex subjects, simplifying them, and giving them a fun spin. Having fun while you’re doing your work is key to harnessing the most powerful energy for transformation.

Safe, Seen, Solved!

You are special. You have value. You are not broken. You are loved. When you work with Sara, you come to know this to be implicitly true. You will feel safe in her presence, which allows you to surrender to the process—and ultimately, to your progress. You will feel seen, maybe more deeply than you’ve been seen for your entire life. From this, you will feel genuinely understood. This environment provides the catalyst for real change…real growth.

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