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Sara Loos Animal Healing

Communication with and the Healing of         Animals.       

When we love our animals and want the best for them, Sara’s unique gifts can make a remarkable difference in their care. As a medical intuitive, healer, and animal communicator, the ways in which Sara is able to support us and our pets includes:

  • Transition for Rescues – Access their story so, as new owners, you have the tools to eliminate the animal’s fears and help them feel safe and secure in their new environment. This may include hands on healing of traumatic memories from emotional or physical abuse.
  • Physical exams – Particularly relevant when western medical techniques fail, discover what is ailing your pet. Often provides insights beyond what our vets can access, which in turn provides valuable information for improved treatment.
  • Communication with animals to uncover their emotions, needs, desires – Discover what they like and don’t like in your care routines, saving you money and time and frustration.
  • End of Life care – help know when your pet is ready to depart. Allow them to share their favorite memories and love during these final, most cherished hours.
  • Hands on healing for most conditions  ** **Sara is not a medical doctor and as such she does not treat, diagnose or medicate any pet. She does however provide energy healing work that helps eliminate pain.

What to expect?

Sessions with Sara for our animal depend on your location. Where possible, Sara prefers to come to you to provide a hands-on experience. However, she is also able to assist in many cases remotely. She will provide you with more information about what this entails after booking your session. Each appointment is within one hour increments and most work required is accomplished within this time frame. Sara’s work is quiet and peaceful. Because animals can feel her calm and supportive energy, they typically just relax in her presence, as will you – the owner.

What clients are saying

“Sara has helped me tremendously in many ways on a personal level. This example is
regarding her amazing gift with animals as well. My goat Rocky was in so much pain,
he had a very difficult time getting up and limped pathetically when he walked. Vets
came several times, performed many expensive tests, but could not find anything
wrong with him. Their final diagnosis was arthritis. They prescribed pain pills, but
that did not provide any relief at all. Sara examined him once, and determined that the
issue was in his stomach/intestines. She did her healing magic on him and he showed
improvement right away! She also suggested I eliminate the pain pills and change his
diet – which I did immediately. He recovered completely and returned to his happy self
within a few days, after getting the pellets and pain meds out of his system. Now
months later, he is still doing great and is better than he has been in years!I honestly
believe that she saved his life. Sara is truly a gifted healer!” – L. Schock, Santa Ynez, CA

“I recently had the privilege to work with Sara Loos during an emergency with my 9
year old best friend and dachshund, Alice. Alice and I spent 48 very scary hours
without a confirmed diagnosis from our vet. He wasn’t sure what was going on with
her and was only treating her symptomatically. Alice’s white count had dropped
dangerously low, she had a fever, she would not eat or drink unless forced and was
very lethargic. The vet did not have confidence she was going to make it. Sara came to
the comfort or our home to work with Alice. She scanned and determined that he heart
and neck were her main area of concern and that a lump that had appeared on her
back leg was her body’s way of signaling something important. Sara checked in with
Alice and said that she was communicating that she really wanted to be wrapped in
steaming hot towels, which was surprising. Sara wasn’t aware that I had been doing
this throughout the day to comfort her. Additionally, Sara did Reiki on Alice which
immediately gave her more strength. Alice even wanted to play after her session and
wagged her tail in gratitude for her new-found energy. Lastly, Sara checked the meds
that had been given to Alice before her diagnosis and was able to tell me that two were
not helping and encouraged me to discontinue them.The next morning, Alice was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease which
was more discernible with the feedback Sara had given me to share. Alice was treated
more accurately this time, her meds were changed, and has since made a full recovery.
Without Sara’s knowledge, intuition and energy work, I believe I would not have my
most loyal friend and work assistant with me now. I believe that without Sara’s skills,
Alice’s strength would have failed and I would not have the guidance and confidence to
ask the questions of the vet that ultimately lead to her diagnosis! Thank you Sara. Alice
and I are truly grateful.As and animal lover, owner and caretaker, in the future Sara will always be on my
call list, along with vets and animals specialists when any imbalance presents itself in
my herd of unconditional loving animal friends. – A. Wolf, Los Olivos, CA

“Sara was able to help me during a very difficult time when my 19 yr old cat Farah was
nearing the end of her life. I knew she was in pain and was becoming very lethargic
and wouldn’t eat but I was so torn as to when was the right time to end her suffering. I
kept praying she would just pass in her sleep so I wasn’t faced with the tough decision
to have her put to sleep. Sara offered me and Farah compassion, love, and connection
in her final days. When she wouldn’t eat Sara was able to ask her what she needed
and then I was able to give her what she wanted to eat. We had daily check-ins with
Farah so that Farah and I had an open dialogue of messages and things to make her
comfortable. Farah’s passing was inevitable yet in her final 2 weeks I had the peace of
mind knowing that I was giving her what she wanted … her favorite sunny spot with
her blanket, knowing when she no longer wanted food or her pain medicine, and I was
able to really say goodbye to her knowing in my heart it was the right time. Sara’s
miraculous and tender ability to communicate with animals and humans is amazing
and so healing to our souls. I am grateful for our work together to bring my beloved
cat to a place of peace and a gentle way to say goodbye”. – L. Typrin, Dallas, TX

What does it cost?

  • $150/one hour sessions (in person and remote/phone or Skype)
  • Out of area sessions – travel to be paid by client.
  • Scholarships are provided on a limited basis. Click here to learn more.

How to schedule your appointment

  • If interested in scheduling a session for your pet, please email us at Provide a brief description of your situation, the pet and pet’s age, where you are located, and (if out of area), when the best days/times for a call back would be.
  • Please note that payment is expected prior to your sessions and can be handled via PayPal invoice.
  • 24 hour cancellation period is required. Sessions canceled past the 24 hour window are non-refundable.