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The Tipping Point

Yesterday following the presidential verdict, I woke up feeling more unsteady than I have in many, many years. Like many of you, so much of what I believed to be heading in the right direction suddenly changed course. So much sorrow came flooding in when I stopped and allowed myself to just ‘be’ with it all. [...]

Big Breakthroughs Can Be Yours

I'm super excited to announce several new workshops that I'm going to be offering to ensure YOU have the BIG breakthroughs you know you want SO badly and NOW.  You know, the kind of crazy breakthroughs that seem impossible now but that would create a whole new reality?! This stuff happens all the time in my world. I LOVE leading others [...]

Simple advice to shift the worst of days.

We all have our share of supremely taxing days - those times when it seems that everything goes awry. The milk is spoiled and the coffee pot bubbles over. The puppy has an accident just as you're reaching for your keys. And you discover gum on the bottom of your favorite shoes. Your gas tank gauge is hanging on empty with [...]

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The Rabbit Hole

There is a powerful pull in our world right now that is calling us to experience the dark side of all that is.  The internet is abuzz with commentary chockfull of blame and shame and fear and sadness. The news is ripe with stories of destruction and violence. My clients are reporting waves of emotion [...]

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Comments on being a perfectionist.

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to write a blog about how I think our drive to be perfect is stunting our growth, keeping us from taking risks, trying new things, and from putting ourselves out there. I really wanted to write something inspiring and profound, but I couldn’t think of anthing to say [...]

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The Best Gift

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year!! It’s like an opening in time and space when we all come together and remember the truth of who we are: a people longing to believe in magic, in goodness, in hope and eager and yearning to do better, to be better, to love greater. But you [...]

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Stressing. Boxing. Relief.

Recently I woke in the middle of the night feeling quite panicked. It was if I had left the water running all night and was suddenly met by a crashing flood of darkness.  I scanned by body (as I teach all my clients) to confirm what truly I was feeling to know how to address [...]

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Why I’m happy to be an Optimist

I’m often called a Pollyanna (a foreign term for you young folks). Let’s just say I’m “perky”, “cheerful”, always approaching things with an optimistic attitude. Yes, I'm perky on purpose! If you’re one of those who find this irritating, here’s some food for thought. Optimism is defined (thanks as A disposition or tendency to [...]

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