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Today I Rise!

This is the perfect piece to summarize my mission. The profoundly moving short film touched me deeply and so eloquently speaks to what I crave for all women: May we all have the courage to rise and live from the wisdom of our hearts! http://themindsjournal.com/today-i-rise/

Simple advice to shift the worst of days.

We all have our share of supremely taxing days - those times when it seems that everything goes awry. The milk is spoiled and the coffee pot bubbles over. The puppy has an accident just as you're reaching for your keys. And you discover gum on the bottom of your favorite shoes. Your gas tank gauge is hanging on empty with [...]

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Come on, get happy!

Being miserable is a choice. It means you've forgotten that you are in control of your thinking, your life, your outcomes. It also likely means that you spend lots of time in your head, instead of your heart.  You either forgot this - or maybe you've never even been made aware of this before. Either way, it is the truth [...]