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The following are resources that Sara personal has found to be tested in true for her soul level work.  She believes they can inspire each of us and provide some valuable fuel for change.


Healing with the Angels

Doreen Virtue believes angels are all around us and they truly want to support us and help us heal from life experiences, stories, wounds. However, most people don’t know that they require our permission, our invitation to help.  Once we ask for their guidance, the messages and healing can pour in.  Drawing a card from this deck from provides angelic insights into what is requiring your attention in the moment in order to create beautiful, healing outcomes. Order from Amazon Now


Messages from Your Angels

Doreen Virtue is the master teacher for Angel communications. Angels, I believe, are all around us and that they have the ability to give us messages IF we are open to receiving their guidance. This deck has become a staple in my workshops, sessions, and personal work. It’s a fundamental piece I recommend for all those beginning this transformational journey. Order from Amazon Now


Sacred Path Cards

This deck is really powerful! Native Americans honored Mother Earth and knew the wisdom of her teachings. This tool has given me deep insights into my experiences and helped me find new ways of thinking about my journey. The messages are beautiful and poignant and always hauntingly spot-on, providing deep insights into areas that I would otherwise have overlooked. Order from Amazon Now


“I AM” Adorations and Affirmations

“I AM” is the most powerful thing that can come from our mouths. In the 1930s, a man channeled an ascended master, St. Germain. This master provides brilliant insights into all that we can be, all that we already are, as “The Great I AM.” I’ve used this book by Chanera to create many important decrees throughout the years, spoken language to shift energy and outcomes. Order from Amazon Now


What to do When It’s Your Turn

This is a fun and riveting book by Seth Godin about how to collect your courage to step out into the path you were meant to walk. It helped inspire me to keep going when my ego was trying to hold me back. Order from Amazon Now


Love Without Conditions

Christ was our greatest teacher. I believe that He came to this planet to give us the truth of God and our own power as creators. Religion, over time, infused his teachings with man made ideas and concepts and tainted His original disciplines. If you’d like a truthful perspective about Christ and the exceptionally poignant messages he shared, this is an important book by, Paul Ferrini, to study. Order from Amazon Now


Sacred Body Language Translations

When I learned that our souls express themselves through disease (dis-ease in the body), I was amazed. For some time I had believed that western medicine is overlooking so much of the truth about the CAUSE of disease and illness. In this book, Bob has compiled a brilliant guide to understanding the messages behind every finger movement, body pain, facial expression, and pattern – and it is illuminating! Order from Amazon Now


Conscious Language: The Logos of Now

Bob Stevens is one of my teachers who I studied with years ago.  His book and lectures on the power of our spoken word changed my life. This is a sourcebook for becoming conscious of how we speak, what our words create, and the impact our language has on our outcomes. It is magical. Order from Amazon Now


The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The insights we gain from working with The Enneagram allow us to lose judgment and finally see ourselves and others with compassion. This book is the bible for the Enneagram, the master book including deep, comprehensive knowledge about this insightful spiritual tool. I LOVE this book and use it in many of my workshops. I recommend it highly if you are interested in going deep inside to discover your own spiritual wiring – your subconscious patterns that, once made known, can set you free. Order from Amazon Now



Despite its scientific tone, I loved this book. It provided answers and illustrations from a modern day therapist (and brain researcher) who uses similar tools as my own to literally change brain matter…meaning there is scientific evidence that the work we’re doing here is truly effective. If in doubt, grab this book and dive into the stories of real clients whose lives changed with Dr. Siegel’ “Mindsight”  methodologies. Order from Amazon Now