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Magical tools for you from Sara Loos.

Get access to some of Sara’s most profound and favorite tools today – many are free.
Simply download them, listen in, and start changing your perspective.
When practiced and applied consistently, they become life-changing.

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Get Your Copy of The Miracle Worker’s Handbook by Sara Loos

If you’re ready to make significant strides in your understanding of your own power and capacity for change, get this book! It provides simple tools which open you up to experience your own divinity. The magic starts here.
The Miracle Worker's Handbook

What People Are Saying…

“Sara’s Handbook, consisting of twenty-two challenges, is an enlightening and thought-provoking journey from cover to cover. Written so well that across all ages and across various depths of one’s own spirituality, the reader can find something that speaks directly to them. Whether you seek to program your own “thought process” or find your “inner light”, these challenges cumulate into an awakening state of being. It’s not until the book is completely read, that the WOW is realized right before you. These individual daily challenges soon become one state of mind. I enjoy books that continue long after I’ve put it away. This book does just that!”  -T. Slagle

“I instantly devoured this book and cannot wait to start all over again and read it more slowly and methodically. I am attracted to books like this one, but this is no ordinary book. This book is filled with amazingly practical ways to heal and nurture yourself. In fact, Sara Loos, in her beautifully written book, has given us 22 tools to help us on our journey to live a life filled with love and light, health and happiness. Thank you Sara Loos for sharing your magical wisdom with us. I am truly grateful.”

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