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Can I do a session to help change my husband/child/friend? 2017-04-28T20:25:20+00:00

The short answer is no, because you can only change yourself. It is not our place to try to change others. It’s intrusive. All work done in sessions is by permission only, which means that Sara doesn’t explore areas of your psyche or the psyche of others without verbal consent. That said, you can use a private session to understand the dynamics between yourself and another person—and oftentimes, those insights create immediate changes. Sara’s work focuses on using compassion and empathy in order to have a greater, more divine understanding of every person. Typically, sessions involving other people (where spouses, children, and friends are discussed) open pathways leading to massive amounts of empathy and unconditional love.

Should I take notes while having a session? How will I remember everything I learn? 2017-04-28T20:25:02+00:00

All private sessions are recorded. Clients receive a downloadable audio file on the day of their session. This a valuable reference tool as most clients hear even more upon listening to the session a second or even third time that they didn’t originally absorb. This will deepen the experience and allow for even greater openings and expansion.

Can I tell my friends/family members about my experiences with Sara? 2017-04-28T20:24:45+00:00

You may share the details of your sessions if you feel so inclined. However, Sara suggests keeping the information private for at least 48 hours to allow you to deeply process the impact and prevent the dilution of your new, expansive energy.

How do I schedule time with Sara? 2017-04-28T20:24:28+00:00

First choose the way you’d like to approach your ‘work’. Do you prefer private sessions where YOU personally are addressed, your specific needs met? Or perhaps you’re just eager to learn some tools and techniques to help you heal yourself and change the way you experience life? Sara’s powerful assistance is available through Private Mentoring and Group Mentoring. Select the appropriate method of help you prefer to learn about the programs available at this time.

What can I expect from a session? Is it painful? Will you make me cry? 2017-04-28T20:24:11+00:00

Sessions are deeply personal and private. No two sessions are ever the same, as each one caters to the needs of the focus client. Most clients report feeling significantly ‘lighter’ during and following a session, having been provided with the environment to release pent-up negative energy that has been weighing them down. As a result, there is no trauma or pain experienced—even though subject matter around intense memories may be addressed. Some clients do cry, especially when long-held and painful memories are eliminated. This is a good sign of progress. Nothing is more beautiful than happy tears that flow after massive burdens have been given away…no longer yours to carry. Important to note: Sara prides herself on being deeply compassionate and, as such, gets clients through the ‘hard stuff’ quickly. You never ‘hang out’ in painful memories; they’re resolved and transformed remarkably fast. That’s the power of working with Sara.

How are sessions conducted? Do I need Skype or Facetime? 2017-04-28T20:23:52+00:00

You’ll find that most work in sessions is done with your eyes closed. For this reason, sessions are typically conducted by phone. If you don’t have a long distance service and would like to use Skype, that works beautifully as well.

How long are private sessions? 2017-04-28T20:23:35+00:00

Typically one hour, although we recommend that you allow yourself another 30 minutes following each session to process what you have experienced in order to absorb the content more deeply and permanently.