Big Breakthroughs Can Be Yours

Big Breakthroughs Can Be Yours

I’m super excited to announce several new workshops that I’m going to be offering to ensure YOU have the BIG breakthroughs you know you want SO badly and NOW.  You know, the kind of crazy breakthroughs that seem impossible now but that would create a whole new reality?!

This stuff happens all the time in my world.
I LOVE leading others into this magical space too.
If you are totally done with the struggle, pain, fear – get in one of these workshops.

Results are guaranteed. Yep, guaranteed.

2017 truly can be your best year ever. Two workshops are now available.
Give yourself the gift of BIG CHANGES and discover how joyful life can be.
No more excuses. Grab your spot today. Space is limited.

Two dates:
February 24 – 26, 2017 
Santa Ynez, California
May 12 – 14
Santa Ynez, California
See Events section of my site for more details.


What others are saying about these workshops:

“My workshop with Sara was absolutely amazing! Her wisdom and inspiration were very empowering.  Her extraordinary insight uncovered the root cause of what was holding me back for the better part of my life . She not only made it fun but it was truly magical how things unfolded.  The techniques that she provided were invaluable and a divine gift.  All I can say is it was transformational!  This workshop was priceless!” – L. S. California

“It is impossible to put into words what Sara’s workshop gave me. All I can say is that she provided the guidance and tools to turn everything I thought was true  (all that stuff that has been completely holding me in pain) and in 24 hours, Sara eliminated all of it. She replaced all that ugly energy and beliefs with new, empowering beliefs. I could actually feel the difference immediately. I left feeling more alive than ever. It feels like I finally have permission to live the life I want to live. And it was easy!” – M.J., Kansas 

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