Bubble brain? Bubble up!

//Bubble brain? Bubble up!

Bubble brain? Bubble up!

So many people out there are just down right mean spirited. They thrive on lobbing nasty slanders, as if their breaking down another fuels their own power. These darkened souls need these tools more than anyone, but at least you’re here, looking for the best defence.  So you’ve learned how to shake off bad energy, but can you prevent it from slimming you in the first place? Yes! Yes, you can! It just takes a solid imagination.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.22.48 AMSetting boundaries is an essential part of soul work. You need to know that not everyone should be allowed in your space since others’ energy will most definitely affect your own.  Many folks say that I live in my own happy little world. This statement makes me giggle because it is more true than they know. I DO live in my own happy world, a magic bubble. And it’s the best defense against nasty energy.

Try this easy technique the next time you feel threatened by someone else’s energy. Imagine that you can enclose yourself in a magic bubble. Think of it as pure, unbreakable glass. It’s gorgeous and is large enough to surround you, head to toe.  You’re completely protected by this bubble. Nothing can get in; nothing can reach you – especially the negative energy. Now imagine that, inside your bubble, there is golden sunlight, like from a summer’s day, just pouring lots of warmth into and all around the interior of the bubble. This warmth is pure, flawless, unconditional love. Can you feel it surrounding you? Supporting you? Protecting you?

Now create a one-way valve that extends to the outside of the bubble, just around the level of your heart. This valve allows you to send this unconditional love outward, sharing it with others. But it’s a one-way valve, so nothing is allowed in. Your focus should be on sending love outwards to those who are being offensive, because love really can and will change all circumstances. And while you’re waiting for those results, you distract your mind by the bubble and give yourself a safe haven for retreat.  It’s a simple trick to protect yourself from all kinds of negative energy and no one needs to know that you’re doing it. Bubble up! Energy up! Love out!

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