The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

There is a powerful pull in our world right now that is calling us to experience the dark side of all that is.  The internet is abuzz with commentary chockfull of blame and shame and fear and sadness. The news is ripe with stories of destruction and violence. My clients are reporting waves of emotion that bring sorrow and self-sabotage. And I, myself, have been feeling much of the same more often than usual. It is as if we’re under a trance and being pulled deeper and deeper into the dark chasms of the rabbit hole.  (The rabbit hole? – You know, the place where all our fears become larger than life, the place where everything is an illusion?!)

What I believe is that we are each being called to look more deeply into what we’re experiencing and to ask ourselves, honestly, is this REALLY what you desire?” “ How much longer are you going to choose this disparity and feelings of helplessness and isolation? Do you remember that you are capable of making massive changes right here, right now, simply by shedding light on and into each your (our) situations? We are battling the human consciousness mindset right now more powerfully than ever before. It’s time to step into God Consciousness and to realize the impact that this understanding can bring.

One of my spiritual mentors once said something that resonates with me now more than ever:

“Where you are is not WHO you are…”

Where we are is in doubt.

Where we are is in self-sabotage mode

Where we are is in fear, in detachment, in disparity

But this is only what we are experiencing

It is not WHO we are

and it is not our truth.

Right!! Time to breath more deeply so that I can calm the anxiety and dispell the fear, so that I stop the pattern when I feel that I’m being pulled closer and closer to the rabbit hole’s edge.

With my awareness on and focus gathered, here’s what I decree to help shift this tide:

Who I AM is a divine being of light and love.

Who I AM is a sister-mother-wife-friend-healer-teacher-intuitive-inspired being.

Who I AM is a powerful creator for good.

Who I AM is a person who KNOWS what it feels like to be deeply rooted in faith. (I just forgot).

It’s time to wake up and remember YOUR truth.

It’s time to remember (re-member/connect again to God)

and know just how powerful we each can be

in turning the tide of what we are experiencing.

We are capable of so much more!

Whew. That feels much better.

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  1. kathy April 26, 2016 at 11:52 pm - Reply

    The emeny is real and wants us to fail and fall into the rabbits hole. God is also REAL and on our side. Stay close with Him to learn how to pull yourself out!

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