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Olly, Olly Oxen Free!

If I were able to wish one thing for you – a big wish for 2016,

It would be to have the courage to be yourself – your true self

Not the person that you’ve been told you are

Not the person you’ve been trained into being by your parents, teachers, coaches, and other people of influence

Not the person that you’ve slipped into becoming because it was the path of least resistence

I mean your true self

The person begging to ‘come out’

The person that lives deep inside and just knows that THIS is who you really are

And THIS person is magical.

Each of us has a dream planted within our being.

When we were kids, we believed in that dream

We pretended to live out that dream

We genuinely savored the entire notion of what it would feel like to be that person

We dreamed of how it would feel and smell and taste

Our faces were brightest when thinking about this person we were becoming

And we believed it was not only possible but inevitable.

Time takes this away from us.

Others strip us of our dreams.

Maybe it’s because they stop believing in themselves and their abilities, their dreams so they feel it necessary to pull us back too.

Why allow someone else to actually achieve their hearts desires and expose the rest of us for giving up?

A quote by Anais Nin shook me to the core some time ago and has encouraged me to ‘show up’, authentically, being who I really know I’m supposed to be.

Maybe it will resonate in the same way with you.

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.

In 2016, I wish you the courage to be who and what your heart is craving.

You are unique in all the world and designed that way on purpose.

Our world doesn’t always honor originality in the moment,

But is is the uniqueness of individuals and their personal vision that has always lifted us above mediocracy.

The world needs to see you, authentically.

The world needs your light.

Be brave.

Be you.

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