Shake it off!

//Shake it off!

Shake it off!

Energy is contagious. Especially negative energy. We have to protect ourselves from taking on other people’s bad mojo. But how? Too often, my teenagers have an unpleasant exchange with a friend, pop off their mobile device, and hurl their newly developed bad attitude at me, their closest target. I can let it stick and drop in; I can get defensive and fight back, or I can do even better.

Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I put lots of stock in mining a positive outlook. Call it flow, call it Connection, whatever the label, I know that I am in control of my attitude and energy at all times and I focus my attention on keeping the best vibes. So when a nasty bomb is tossed my way, I find a way to counter maneuver.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.27.37 AMIf it lands, you have one choice – Shake it off! Like Taylor Swift’s hit song, “haters are gonna hate… – but you gotta ‘Shake it off!”.  And I do mean literally. Nothing gets your energy back on track faster than a big ole’ dance party. Try it for yourself. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, stop and take 3 minutes to just dance. Make sure you engage your caboose. Like a dog wagging its tail, shake it like you mean it. Have fun for 3 minutes just wagging it all out. Now stop. Notice how much lighter you feel? It’s a simple tool to life your mood, your energy and ultimately your day out of heavy and grey.  Just shake it off!

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