3 Things we can all learn from that Elf on the Shelf

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3 Things we can all learn from that Elf on the Shelf

It’s that time of the year again when the tiny, famous elf has found his way out of the box and is now magically popping up in the most random places. It’s a tradition in our home that, even when my girls stopped believing in Santa and most things magic, elf continues to take his nightly ride.

This morning, as I stared into his whimsical little face, perched above my kitchen sink, I had a thought that I’d never thunk before.

Why is it that we love this little guy so much?

What is it about him that continues to bring joy even after the reveal of his lack-luster talents? Is there more to this story?

I decided to take a pause and question why he was calling to me this morning.

With some mindfulness, I settled in for a more promising reveal. Here’s what Spirit shared with me.

We can learn a lot from an Elf on the Shelf.  The most important things he teaches us:


1) It’s fun to be childlike even after you ‘know better’.

The sheer “gotta keep this going’ energy of Elf on the Shelf gets us out of our hum drum routines and forces us to be playful.

Who doesn’t like being playful? It’s good for us.

It makes us smile.

It reminds us that a sense of humor can brighten even the darkest of days.

Truth is, we take ourselves to seriously.


2) Getting a new perspective is fun.

Mr. Elf gets around.

I imagine he sees things in my house that I’ll never notice. Dust behind a picture frame. The top of the kitchen cabinets that look amazing down here, but from his vantage point are likely not even finished. Elf doesn’t seem to mind. It’s a game.

What more could I take in? What more could I discover if I were willing to ‘move about’? We tend to stay in our “same ole same”, afraid to mix things up. Comfort zones and ‘what we know’ often keep us locked in confines that we outgrew long ago.

Imagine how different the world would look if we stepped out of those comforts zones and test drove things from a new perspective? Is it possible that we would, from these new divine heights, have a different impression of our circumstances? Of people we judge? Of situations that we currently find hopeless?

Gaining a new perspective changes everything.

It’s not only interesting; it’s empowering.


3)  Child-like faith is worth embracing.

After all, this IS the part about Christmas that made it so magical, fun, exciting.

Why should this end? Children have EXPECTANT joy about things –

They believe with every cell in their bodies that magic is real and life is good.
Children believe that they can do anything – they are courageous and unafraid because they have great faith.

Imagine the possibilities if we all still believed in magic and faith, if we still saw life as good and each day a new adventure?

What if we, as adults, could remember again how it felt to trust completely in someone to care for us and ensure our greatest outcomes?

It’s all still here – joy, love, adventure, faith, courage, magic. You simply need a different perspective to find it all again.


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