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Who can benefit from E(3)? In a word, Everyone.

Professional Mentor Sara Loos

Professional You

Personal Mentor Sara Loos

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Spiritual Mentoring Sara Loos

Spiritual You

Sara Loos and her horse

There’s an age-old question about whether or not people are truly capable of change. The most widely held belief has it that negative patterns of behavior are easy to establish and very difficult to change. And while that can be the case, it doesn’t have to be. Sara has proven that.

“I spent many years walking around in a fog, trying to accomplish everything on my own as if it was a sign of strength. It’s not. It was a cry for spirituality Sara helped me answer.”—Jeff R.

Work With Sara!

Reviews From Around The Globe

“Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.” – St. Augustine

“Sara Loos is one truly connected soul, a rare soul.  She is authentic, empathetic, present.  I feel profoundly connected to her energy.  She has helped me tons. There are many out there that do this work, but Sara is THE REAL DEAL!  And I thank her for that!”


L Reddington, New York

“Working with Sara over the last year has been a life-altering experience. Her approach was the key to opening my heart and learning how to live my life as an inside-out person. Her extraordinary talent is evident in the results for those that want to dig deep and do the work.”



L Miller, California

Sara has been a huge support to me in many areas of my life.  She always offers gentle guidance and great suggestions. Her enthusiasm is contagious and Im always up for whatever she presents. She has been a great teacher.”


L. McLean, Los Angeles, California

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