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Tune in live each month on and In this hit show, Sara Loos turns reality on end as she shows us how to experience expansive results with simple, yet powerful steps. Considered a master at transformation, Sara’s guidance has given new meaning to breakthroughs for clients across the globe. If you’re feeling stagnant, stuck, suffocated, or unfulfilled in any area of your life, this show is for you!

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Sara’s unique style encourages us to get out of our heads! All the magic happens, she says, when we ’embody the work’ – when we experience and feel the shifts from within – by practicing the simple exercises she shares. In each episode, Sara helps us destroy sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, to re-wire our thinking about transformational work and what we’re capable of creating.  Her approach is unique in this industry as she says play is the key ingredient for fast results. Expect an enlightening bend on what you currently believe is possible.

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