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sara loos

Sara Loos is a dynamic and authentic speaker.

A master intuitive healer and compassionate leader for cultural evolution, Sara Loos delivers thought provoking public appearances that inspire personal reflection and accountability and which ultimately galvanize positive change for all involved.

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Examples of Sara’s Powerful Speaking Topics Include:

  • Turning Power Struggles into Alignment – Common ground conversations that enhance productivity and partnership.
  • Achieving what matters. Turning goals into reality.
  • Speak Your Truth. How to communicate with clarity and confidence to get the results you desire with coworkers, family members and cultures.
  • Boundaries or Barriers – How to create supportive spaces that encourage and validate individuality, creativity and more positive outcomes.
  • Rules vs. Results – How can we shift our focus and embrace change for good.
  • Stop competing – Winning in a new way; Magical attitudes that create spectacular, new outcomes for all involved.
  • Creating a legacy that matters – What is your imprint? There’s still time to be everything your heart desires.
  • You Have All the Answers — Decision making that makes a difference.
  • The Wiring Within – Discover your specific personality type and how it impacts everything you do. When you know more, you can BE better. Understanding others’ wiring empathy and alliance.
  • Harnessing Your Truth – How to BE yourself and allow your most brilliant gifts to be discovered.
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