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Sara Loos is a dynamic and authentic speaker.

Enlightening Minds – Empowering Hearts – Expansive Results. A master intuitive healer and spiritual teacher, Sara Loos is a thought provoking, dynamic and authentic speaker. Her presentations focus on topics such as Family, Creating more joy in life, Speaking your truth, Self Love, Divine relationships, and how to gain clarity.

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Examples of Sara’s Powerful Speaking Topics Include:

  • Family Matters – Making changes at home that promote collaboration, communication, and compassion.
  • Boundaries are Beautiful – How to create loving, supportive spaces and relationships.
  • Win the day – Magical attitudes that create magical outcomes
  • Your Spiritual Wiring – Discover the truth of You and why knowing this is a game changer.
  • Are You Speaking Love? The Love Languages and why they work.
  • Be Joy-FULL. Overcoming obstacles and using gratitude to create a new and liberating perspective.
  • Achieving what matters. Turning goals into reality.
  • Speak Your Truth. How to find your communicate with clarity and confidence to get the results you desire.
  • Friendships With Meaning. The rules for being a friend and nurturing the friendships that count.
  • The Soul’s Language. Learn the truth of your feelings and physical pains to unlock insights that will set you free.
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