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A highly gifted empowerment coach and intuitive healer, Sara has helped literally thousands of people create transformational changes in their lives, which in turn creates positive outcomes for others.

Sara’s approach is based on many things, Quantum Physics being one of them.

The beauty of Quantum Physics is that it takes our attention/point of focus and accelerates the desired outcome. Sara trains clients to use their focus to more effectively tap into their highest potential. Clients learn to reprogram their neurobiology and create new synapsis, which, in turn, allow for new, magically positive outcomes and experiences.

Her approach is far from ordinary, as are her results.

A highly gifted empowerment coach, Sara has devoted much of her life to helping clients around the world discover simple yet powerful ways to transform their lives and in turn, the world around us.

She has the ideal background for doing so. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Sara worked at some of America’s most prestigious advertising agencies where she helped large, corporate clients build brand recognition and grow their businesses.

And while this high profile, glamorous career is what many dream about, Sara found herself yearning for something entirely different. Despite a substantial salary and jet-setting lifestyle, her heart was calling her to discover the talents that would help energize her own life—as well as those of others.

Sara revisited her childhood dream of being a therapist; she had always been empathetic and nurturing, blessed with a gift for helping others make sense of their world. To do so, she would need to challenge her own beliefs in order to more effectively deal with those of other people

“In my case it wasn’t what I said but often what I didn’t say. Sara picked up on that and used it to help me enormously.”—Jeff S.

To that end, she became certified in Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Language, the Mastery Programs at Robbins’ Institute, in addition to other self-development and healing modalities.
A compassionate visionary, Sara believes that each of us has the capacity to be more conscious in every moment, more guided by higher thinking, in order to make choices that have a far-reaching, positive impact on ourselves and others.  For 15 years now, she’s helped individuals and teams achieve life-changing results from her transformative workshops, lectures, book, and mentoring programs.

“Sara isn’t the first person I’ve seen about my “issues” but she is the best. She has an uncanny ability to heal with both knowledge and empathy.”—Courtney P.


Compassionate Change Agent – Spiritual Mentor – Empowerment Coach – Author – Extraordinary Woman of Influence

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