Simple advice to shift the worst of days.

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Simple advice to shift the worst of days.

We all have our share of supremely taxing days – those times when it seems that everything goes awry. The milk is spoiled and the coffee pot bubbles over. The puppy has an accident just as you’re reaching for your keys. And you discover gum on the bottom of your favorite shoes. Your gas tank gauge is hanging on empty with no time to spare to make your first appointment. Someone cuts you off at the intersection. You get a raging message from a co-worker so you know that you’re facing conflict even before you reach your office.  Whatever the circumstances, the smallest of things can either make or break your attitude and ultimately the outcome of your entire day. My advice? Go high. Search for something to be grateful for and ride that wave instead. Gratitude has a way of bringing out the best in all circumstances. A favorite phrase I like to use is, “I get to (fill in the blank) today!” For example,  “I get to work today. I am grateful to have a job!” “I get to clean up after my puppy. I am so grateful to have this little guy to love”. “I get to drive my car. I’m grateful I have a car.” Use this phrase to spin your story into something that puts your focus on your blessings. Then grab yourself some soul food – something from your childhood that just has a way of making everything better. Mac & cheese anyone?

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