The Tipping Point

Yesterday following the presidential verdict, I woke up feeling more unsteady than I have in many, many years. Like many of you, so much of what I believed to be heading in the right direction suddenly changed course. So much sorrow came flooding in when I stopped and allowed myself to just ‘be’ with it all.

Sorrow for the women and young girls whose liberties and equality will yet again be put on hold.

Sorrow for the animals and trees and sacred grounds that risk disappearing for lack of compassion from their keepers.

Sorrow for the people who believe that America stands for “ONE nation, under GOD” yet we’ve never been more divided as a nation since the Civil War and God and spiritual values seem completely absent in the way our new leader presents himself.

Sorrow for the children that woke up crying and confused (and many did) when they heard that we had chosen a leader who engages in bullying and behaviors that threaten our security and make us feel weak and victimized.

Sorrow for all the minorities who suddenly find themselves confused and scared of who they can trust and what their future holds in this place they call home.

And the list continues…

I could have milked this negative spiral. I could have stayed there and fed the fire. 
I wanted to. I was angry. But knew I had to dig in and practice what I preach.
I knew that it was time to look for the gift in this situation.

Our country is in need of some overdue changes.
For years, I’ve said that our political system is broken.
It’s 200 years old; there isn’t anything that has the test of time this long without need of some updates or improvements.

And our government should serve the people that it represents.
Perhaps we really have been out-of-touch with what so many people desperately need.
For many, hope feels much too far away.

And in saying that, I realized what we all have in common. 
We all want change that provides a hope-filled future. We’re arguing about the path, not the end goal. There really is a crack of light flowing in. 
Flame it!

Real change can happen quickly and painlessly.
Positive developments can be miraculous, especially when remember to invite God (Spirit/The Divine) into our circumstances instead of relying on our own, limited means.

What’s next?
What do those of us with big hearts and bright, soulful lights shining do now?
We dig in. 
We are needed now more than ever!
We need to clear out our ‘stuff’ and show up with full power. No more excuses.
We need to pray for the leaders of this nation to truly see the path to progress that unifies and uplifts everyone.
We need to speak out about injustices and realize that turning our back to anything that isn’t serving the highest good serves no one.
We need to believe in possibilities and put our focus in the direction of hope.
Energy flows where our attention goes…feed only hope.

The tipping point is near.  I can feel it.
I pray that you will realize that all it takes is just one person to make a big difference.
There is magic that happens when a groundswell begins
Love does trump hate.
God is in this. 
Stay focused. Stay the course. Be an influencer for positive change. Be your most DIVINE you!


Author note: “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference”  by Malcom Gladwell is worth reading, especially now. History is being made here. I choose to be on the side that pushes us forward and provides evolutionary progress.

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