Losing Sleep and the Sheep Don’t Work

//Losing Sleep and the Sheep Don’t Work

Losing Sleep and the Sheep Don’t Work

The other night I was tossing and turning, remembering a situation that I wished I had handled in a better way. The inner voices were NOT happy. There was a committee within my head that was seriously protesting. Whenever my conscience decides to act out and I’m just needing sleep (and it seems it’s always WHEN I need sleep that this happens), I grab my imagination and we play a game. Try this tool for yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.24.35 AMImagine yourself in a place like an indoor gym, the kind that have viewing rooms for watching handball. Position yourself outside the glass, looking out, through the protective glass, at two separate courts. Notice that one court in total darkness so it appears black; the other is full illumination, lights on, so it appears white. In both rooms, there is a trampolines in the middle. Got the visual? Good.

Now tell the committee in your head that you fully appreciate their advice; you know that they have some very valuable information to share. The problem is, just not NOW. Tell them in this moment, you need them to do a little stress relief exercise instead.  Point to the trampolines and invite the various voices (parts of your subconscious) to simply go ‘bounce it off’ for a while. This is much like a parent might ask a rambuncious child to do some laps or to go hit a punching bag. The point is, we want to diffuse the energy. Instruct all the personality parts with negative energy to go play in the black room and instruct the positive energy parts to go bounce in the white room. Tell them all to bounce till they are completely exhausted. Imagine that you can just sit and watch them bounce, just on the other side of the glass. You observe and are disattached for at least 5 to 10 minutes. 

You’ll likely ‘feel’ or see some of the little guys slide down the sides of the trampolines and come toward you in a protest to be finished with the workout. If you can still feel the tense energy in your body, there is more bouncing to be done. Simply point your finger and say, “Nope, back you go!”  Not until the feeling of tension is eliminated do you let them stop. This might mean getting firm and having the conversation with them multiple times –  ‘Bounce some more!”, “Get it all out!”, or “Keep it up!” When you can honestly feel a shift in the energy in your body, ask all the voices (personality parts) to join you again and instruct them that, for now, it’s time to sleep.

You will need to face what the voices wish to share with you some day. We’ll save how to do that for another time. For now, get some rest!

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