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People always ask Sara where she gained her understanding of God, Spirit, Angels, and all things ‘of the light’. Here are Sara’s favorite personal development tools that she shares with friends and clients. We believe they are will inspire you and provide some valuable fuel for change.

The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting


In this audio, Brene shares much of her own, personal stories of raising children in a world that can be mean-spirited and unaware at best. None of us are perfect, but we are role models and mentors for the next generation. What are we teaching them with our words and labels? Order from Amazon Now

“I AM” Adorations and Affirmations


“I AM” is the most powerful thing that can come from our mouths. In the 1930s, a man channeled an ascended master, St. Germain. This master provides brilliant insights into all that we can be, all that we already are, as “The Great I AM.” I’ve used this book by Chanera to create many important [...]

What to do When It’s Your Turn


This is a fun and riveting book by Seth Godin about how to collect your courage to step out into the path you were meant to walk. It helped inspire me to keep going when my ego was trying to hold me back. Order from Amazon Now

Love Without Conditions


Christ was our greatest teacher. I believe that He came to this planet to give us the truth of God and our own power as creators. Religion, over time, infused his teachings with man made ideas and concepts and tainted His original disciplines. If you’d like a truthful perspective about Christ and the exceptionally poignant [...]

Sacred Body Language Translations


When I learned that our souls express themselves through disease (dis-ease in the body), I was amazed. For some time I had believed that western medicine is overlooking so much of the truth about the CAUSE of disease and illness. In this book, Bob has compiled a brilliant guide to understanding the messages behind every [...]