“I AM” Adorations and Affirmations


“I AM” is the most powerful thing that can come from our mouths. In the 1930s, a man channeled an ascended master, St. Germain. This master provides brilliant insights into all that we can be, all that we already are, as “The Great I AM.” I’ve used this book by Chanera to create many important [...]

Love Without Conditions


Christ was our greatest teacher. I believe that He came to this planet to give us the truth of God and our own power as creators. Religion, over time, infused his teachings with man made ideas and concepts and tainted His original disciplines. If you’d like a truthful perspective about Christ and the exceptionally poignant [...]

The Enneagram Made Easy


This book provides a short-cut to understanding The Enneagram. I recommend this one often for those who want the ‘top line’ view of this magical tool so that they can quickly make changes. Order from Amazon Now

The Wisdom of the Enneagram


The insights we gain from working with The Enneagram allow us to lose judgment and finally see ourselves and others with compassion. This book is the bible for the Enneagram, the master book including deep, comprehensive knowledge about this insightful spiritual tool. I LOVE this book and use it in many of my workshops. I [...]