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I’m so thrilled that you’re called to find out more about a VIP day together!

This VIP mentorship is for those women who seek massive breakthroughs in their personal outlook in order to LEAP into life with a miraculous, new level of joy and purpose. I’ve created this program so that I can be a private coach and mentor for you in those areas of your life that require intensive, powerful release and renewal – huge shifts in your thinking and behavior – in just ONE day.

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What Can You Expect From This VIP Mentoring Experience?

Your VIP day is a complete immersion, focused on YOU and what you need in order to break free of limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you in pain and which prevent you from having the life you crave. Together we’ll create a custom plan for your Divine Lifestyle Goal and design the path to make it happen – including deep, healing of subconscious energies and by developing new, empowering energies, beliefs and behavioral plans.

In other words, you’ll accomplish what would take months, years or even a lifetime of coaching – in a single day. Along the way, we’ll uncover the blocks that have been holding you back and you’ll receive powerful coaching to transform your stories about your finances, relationships, life purpose, and self-worth — finally providing the insights and tools that work magic in each of these areas.

You’ll leave your day with a plan of attack in hand and a liberating, light-filled attitude about all that’s possible NOW that you everything so magically differently. And because there is no breakthrough unless you “work the plan’, you’ll receive a full 60 days of follow-up support after your day – to take what we’ve designed and create a new spirit-filled experience that transforms every area of your life for the better.

A VIP Day may be right for you if:

  • You recognize an area of your life where you continue to feel stuck. You’ve tried other methods of coaching or therapy and don’t seem to find the means to break free of the negativity and move forward.
  • You love undivided attention and relish a day that is entirely spent on YOU; your stories, your beliefs, your desires, your outcomes.
  • You prefer the ease and grace of having an expert hand you plan designed just for YOU, instead of trying to decipher your best plan of attack all by yourself.
  • You’re ready to transform the old stories that have been holding you back and step forward as the magical, divine woman that you are.

Here’s what you’ll receive as A VIP Client:

* Desire & Vision Questionnaire Your mentorship begins with an important evaluation questionnaire to help you discover what you really, truly desire – from a soul level. Also included are deep-dive questions about your current mindset so that I can get to know YOU. This level of clarity will help us determine your most important areas of focus for YOUR big breakthroughs, your plan and next steps – including what it’s time to let go of.

* Private 90-Minute Activation Session Before your day, we’ll meet on the phone or Skype for a Desire and Vision Activation session, where we set powerful intentions for our time together and the next stage of your joy-filled life. You’ll claim your vision and Divine Lifestyle Goal, give you any assignments you’ll need to complete before our day together. Then I’ll set my intuitive skills to percolate on YOU and your life goals before we meet for our day.

* Our VIP mentoring day, live and in person at an exclusive resort in Santa Barbara, California or Santa Barbara wine country. Santa Barbara boasts of many premier boutique hotels – the perfect setting to create your next level lifestyle breakthrough plan.

Your day is completely customized to your needs and goals.

To give you a feel, here are some possibilities of what we might cover:

  • Your life purpose — what is it that your soul craves to contribute in this lifetime? What gift lies deep within you and is begging to come into the light?
  • Your divine partnership – how to attract a deep and meaningful relationship and ensure that meets YOUR needs and desires.
  • Resuscitate an existing partnership — how to bring back the divine spark in your existing relationship in order to keep the best parts yet bring new excitement and vision in those areas that need a blast of freshness and collaboration.
  • Your abundance plan – how to overcome the lack mentality and finally manifest the finances and fiscal responsibility that provides monetary security and intangible abundance in all areas of your life.
  • Deep, family healing — how to overcome your lineage of shame, fear, depression, and withholding of love and validation and become to empowered, divine woman you were designed to be.
  • Health Mastery — how to break the code on health issues and begin deep, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
  • 2 nights luxury accommodations at a Santa Barbara premier hotel (You choose from available options, pending date of travel), plus private transportation to and from Santa Barbara Airport. Simply show up at Santa Barbra and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • 4 private coaching calls, for support and accountability (30 minutes each). Your Activation session and VIP Day will be scheduled in our first month of the program. Afterwards, we’ll coach about every other week for the next 60 days as you take action.
  • Priority email access throughout the program as well as 20% off any additional products and programs available during your enrollment.

Are You A Good Fit For VIP Mentoring?

I’ve designed this experience for you if you know you’re meant to make BIG changes – think magical, miraculous changes – as a highly divine, soul-filled woman. You’re ready to leave waiting, delaying and denying behind — to play full-out to create what you want in this life.

You’re also decisive, have a history of taking action and above all else, take 100% responsibility for your results. It’s important to know that this program is NOT appropriate for you if you’re looking for someone to FIX YOU, to do the work on your behalf. The perfect candidate is a highly-motivated woman who knows that she has something awesome to offer this world.

She’s sick and tired of the invisible bonds that keep her from accomplishing more — more happiness, abundance, and loving relationships. The perfect candidate believes in the power of miracles and a faithFULL outlook and is ready and eager for the divine support that is her birth right. Prefer to skip the travel and work from home?

YES, VIRTUAL VIP Days are available.

While there’s nothing like meeting live and in person, I understand that travel isn’t always ideal. That’s why you have the option to meet virtually (by telephone or Skype) if you wish. Your virtual VIP mentoring program includes all the benefits listed above, except for accommodations and travel. There is also a savings if you choose this virtual option. (We’ll discuss the investment in our interview.)

Simply fill out the form here and I can contact you to discuss more details!