Embrace Your Divine Super Powers Level 1 Training

//Embrace Your Divine Super Powers Level 1 Training

Embrace Your Divine Super Powers Level 1 Training


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For Those Who Are Highly Sensitive and

Called to Make a Difference

6 Week Course  September 14 – October 19

Weekly 1 1/2 hour call.

Includes lessons, assignments, & group facilitations.

Recordings available if you miss a call.

Thursdays, 10AM PST.

  • Are you extremely sensitive to loud noises, large crowds, other people’s negative energy, strong smells, violence on the news or social media, allergies to foods/chemicals?
  • Do people tell you that you are “too sensitive” or you often cry when reading or hearing other people’s stories?
  • Do you often just “know” what people are going to say before they say it or have a sense of what they are feeling without them telling you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of these feelings and sensitivities and want to understand what to do with them and how to manage them better?
  • Did you know this ability to feel deeply and sensitivities are actually gifts and energy within you that can be harnessed and used to leave a positive, healing imprint on the world?
  • Are you deeply desiring to no longer ignore your gifts but rather to finally put them to use in a meaningful way?

Many of us are light workers and healers that hold the ability to affect a positive change in our communities and are vital in raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole.  With loving support and guidance, you can learn to trust your empathic nature and turn your “sensitivities” into “super powers” that will magically transform your life and those around you.

Almost 20 years ago, I was in this exact place of overwhelm, confusion, doubt, fear, and knew I had to make a change because I was here to do more!

The Universe magically provided the perfect teachers who helped me to develop and harness the wisdom of my own intuition and empathic nature.

Because of this … today, I AM a powerful healer, light worker, intuitive coach who is best at raising up others like myself.  It is now my turn to help support and guide you.

If you feel called to explore and understand your sensitivities and empathic gifts, to learn how to tap into the magic they offer and to alchemize them into your own unique super powers, please join me for a 6 week intensive course to give you the answers and tools you need to learn to:

  • Become centered and grounded to initiate stability, calm & empowerment
  • Access & trust your inner guidance to experience more grace, ease and joy
  • Protect & nurture yourself to prevent overwhelm and exhaustion.
  • Harness the power of your empathic gifts to make a positive impact in this world
  • Spend our final 2 weeks addressing individual needs to ensure your success.



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