Relationship Reset Program

//Relationship Reset Program

Relationship Reset Program


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4 week program held via webinar

  • 1.5 hours each class. Includes 1 hour lesson and 30 minute Q&A to assist participants with their personal questions and concerns.
  • Plus one personalized, one-hour private session with Sara.
  • Use this time to get Sara’s breakthrough modalities applied to your relationship(s) and come away with deep understanding and healing that is nothing less than transformative.

For women who are fully committed to making real, lasting, conscious changes in their relationships. If you are ready and willing to put away your surrender your stories, blame, shame, and victimization, you can experience exceptionally fulfilling relationships with others.

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Having healthy, loving, and supportive relationships is critical to us as humans.

From the time we’re born, we require the affection and compassion of others to develop normally. Each of us crave loving connections with others, both intimate relationships with partners and also supportive friendships and families. But sometimes, our relationships are less than healthy and up-lifting. Sometimes, relationships can feel like more work than they’re worth.
When we begin to understand some key factors to making positive shifts in our relationships, hope returns. Applying these skills and can dramatically change the way you relate to others miraculously fast. The key is to learn and use higher levels of consciousness to dramatically improve how WE relate and communicate with others. We change OUR behavior and energy and the relationships shift as a natural byproduct.

If you’re feeling trapped in what seems like and endless loop of despair, rejection, criticism, or judgment from a partner, close friend, or family member, and you desire ending this negative cycle, this program is for you. 

We’ll be exploring your energy on how you ‘show up’ in your relationships. We’ll take a look at your past life connections and heal any limiting beliefs for agreements that you have subconsciously chosen that keep you from feeling deeply loved and honored here, now.  You see, many of us are living out the choices made lifetimes ago without our knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great to update and upgrade those choices? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know why we agreed to certain experiences and partnerships in the first place? And even more important, shouldn’t we be able to change our mind and and ‘order’ new outcomes?

Even if you don’t believe in past lives, the workshop will provide you with essential skills to harness your own magical abilities to make positive changes in your relationships. The entire workshop is experiential, meaning that you don’t just learn the skill, Sara will ensure you apply the skills and use them properly in order to have beautiful, positive results.

How is this program different from other relationship workshops?

Most programs of this type give you information – typically an overview of the things therapists have learned about relationships and what does and doesn’t work. There is a lot of that type of information available now online for free.

What THIS program is about is something very unique and different.

It’s about understanding how YOU are influencing everything that you experience.

And it will teach you how to change your sphere of influence.

When you do, you start to see magical new outcomes with those you love.

You can literally transform your world.

Additionally, in your personal, one-on-one phone sessions with Sara, you’ll be given her exquisitely successful approach to rapidly changing past life connections and stories using Advanced DNA Theta Healing techniques. Whatever YOU personally are experiencing, Sara will lovingly envelope and shift so that it serves you in a better, more spiritually lifting way.


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