The Miracle Worker’s Handbook

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The Miracle Worker’s Handbook


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The Miracle Worker’s Handbook:

A Seeker’s Guide to Creating an Exceptional Life

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The Miracle Worker’s Handbook is a simple-to-use guidebook comprised of 22 challenges that, when put into practice, create massive shifts in the way you experience everything. Through the unification of science, spirituality, and religion, this book provides a pathway to comprehensive change in the total mind-body-spirit way of being. You were born to be magical. You were given the capacity to create a life beyond your wildest imagination, filled with joy, trust, and love. You haven’t lost this power, you have simply forgotten how to access it.

Having spent many years on her own transformational journey, healing childhood wounds and ultimately rediscovering her own authentic voice and personal power, Loos has created a collection of her most cherished healing tools to make your path easier and more accessible.  Every challenge contained in The Miracle Worker’s Handbook has been tested and proven to provide openings for real change and progress—for healing and en-lighten-ment (bringing the light back) in your life.

If you’re ready to make significant strides in your understanding of your own power and capacity for change, then the next step is the choice to take the first step in your ultimate journey, to a new way of thinking and believing. It all begins right here.

Kirkus Review:

“…Readers of any denomination or none will find plenty in these pages to encourage them to clarify and eliminate the sources of stress in their lives. Loos’ optimism is bracing.”

“A refreshingly uncomplicated and realistically life-affirming handbook for banishing doubt and negativity and embracing daily optimism.”

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6 reviews for The Miracle Worker’s Handbook

  1. Sara Loos

    From Jacannthelit, 11/10/2015 on
    5 Star Review
    This Book Changed my Life

    Wow! Every challenge in this book has improved the way I view myself and my life, the way I interact with people, and the effectiveness of all my efforts. I feel like I am in complete control of my life’s direction, and I am accomplishing things that I had never thought possible. I even find it easier to deal with people who drive me nuts!! There is no one who can avoid being positively affected by this book, and I would recommend it for any person of any age.

  2. Sara Loos

    From K. Carrera, 11/20/15 on
    5 Star Review
    Radiates LIGHT & LOVE & WISDOM

    Sara, I received your new book. When I opened the package, I literally felt the high vibrational light and energy emanate off the book. And coming from the cover. Seriously! Its as if your light, wisdom, and healing ability is all bundled up in that package to share with the world. I love that you wrote it in such a way that it could reach all levels of consciousness, ages, and belief systems. By the time I was done going through it, I was in tears of sweet joy, knowing that you are fulfilling your path so brilliantly. I wish you all the best, & I know it’s coming to you. All that and more. Deep gratitude. Thank you. And to your customers, the vibrational frequency of the cover of this book transmits. The content does the same. If you want to try a fun experiment, close your eyes and hold it over your heart and see what you can feel. Or even better, sleep with it under your pillow 🙂

  3. Sara Loos

    From T. Slagle on 11/21/2015 on
    5 Star Review
    I enjoy books that continue long after I’ve put it away

    Sara’s Handbook, consisting of twenty-two challenges, is an enlightening and thought-provoking journey from cover to cover. Written so well that across all ages and across various depths of one’s own spirituality, the reader can find something that speaks directly to them. Whether you seek to program your own “thought process” or find your “inner light”, these challenges cumulate into an awakening state of being. It’s not until the book is completely read, that the WOW is realized right before you. These individual daily challenges soon become one state of mind. I enjoy books that continue long after I’ve put it away. This book does just that!

  4. Sara Loos

    From T. Avonne on 12/27/2015

    I have read “The Miracle Worker’s Handbook” and feel that is such an offering of Sara’s heart and wisdom to those who are seeking to “shift” and take responsibility for their energy and their lives! It is a true gift to be able to simplify wisdom and offer it in a way that the seeker/reader can receive, process and integrate the practices you encourage them to implement into their lives.

  5. Sara Loos

    From an Amazon Reader on 1/4/2016.
    5 Star Review
    “I am attracted to books like this”

    I instantly devoured this book and cannot wait to start all over again and read it more slowly and methodically. I am attracted to books like this one, but this is no ordinary book. This book is filled with amazingly practical ways to heal and nurture yourself. In fact, Sara Loos, in her beautifully written book, has given us 22 tools to help us on our journey to live a life filled with love and light, health and happiness. Thank you Sara Loos for sharing your magical wisdom with us. I am truly grateful.

  6. Sara Loos

    From Scott Cowley on 1/10/2016.
    5 Star Review

    I won this book on Goodreads in a giveaway.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but this book really is quite inspiring with some great easy to introduce techniques to make your life full of positive energy and look at things from another persepctive. Truly eye opening.

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