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3 Things we can all learn from that Elf on the Shelf

It’s that time of the year again when the tiny, famous elf has found his way out of the box and is now magically popping up in the most random places. It’s a tradition in our home that, even when my girls stopped believing in Santa and most things magic, elf continues to take his [...]

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Sara Loos & Hay House Radio beginning October 7.

Earlier this month Sara joined Hay House Radio's show "Bright New Voices" once again to discuss her new book and to share her thoughts on ending struggle and finally creating the life you desire and deserve. If you miss the premiere, use the link below and catch it all right here. Listen in and share this uplifting discussion with [...]

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Hay House Radio Network Interview

Join Sara as she speaks with Diane Ray on Hay House Radio's "Bright New Voices" to discuss her new book, "The Miracle Worker's Handbook". Her interview is within the segment called "Turning Belief into Action" and can be heard in a future day/time segment by going to http://www.hayhouseradio.com/#!/episode/turn-belief-into-action-1453943534. NOTE: Hay House will be searching for those [...]

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Choiceful Soul event

Our fast-paced world tugs constantly at you from all directions and you may feel like you’re just coping or operating on autopilot.  Whether you’re newly exploring spirituality or it’s a familiar friend, you’ll experience this day feeling deeply connected, nourished, and replenished.  This is not about religion.  Spirituality is the conscious choice to connect with [...]

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The Rabbit Hole

There is a powerful pull in our world right now that is calling us to experience the dark side of all that is.  The internet is abuzz with commentary chockfull of blame and shame and fear and sadness. The news is ripe with stories of destruction and violence. My clients are reporting waves of emotion [...]

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Hay House Radio Interview

Sara was recently interviewed by Diane Ray for Hay House Radio's  "Bright New Voices" . She spoke about her new book, The Miracle Worker's Handbook: A Seeker's Guide to Creating an Exceptional Life, and why she feels it's a powerful tool for anyone requiring more support on their spiritual journey.  If you'd like to listen to the [...]

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