“Sara is like the ‘perfect storm’. Her skills and insights, along with her compassionate nature, always create the most incredible experience for healing. I am profoundly grateful that I found her and have gotten to work with her. She has accomplished things in my life that I honestly never felt were possible! She is phenomenal!

A, Carter, PA

“Sara is a celestial soul in an earthly body. Her positive energy is contagious and she can not help but make a lasting impression on those put in her path. Sara has the unique gift of sight into a place that many are unable to see. Her words are genuine and piercing to the deepest part of myself while always coming from a place of unconditional love, truth and light.  Sara has made an impact on my life, teaching me how to recognize my best self.  I am empowered, enlightened, and eternally grateful.”

D, Gills, CA

“Sara’s insight, guidance, and heartfelt support allowed me to dig deep inside and extract those limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from expressing my true self and keeping me in my own cycle of self-sabotage around my health and body image.  We worked together through the process to transform those beliefs into my new and improved empowering beliefs, and now every day as I look in the mirror, I am amazed at the beautiful person I see in front of me.  I am now able to identify and correct my old patterns around my body image and self-worth and can say I am once again enjoying food, exercise, and improving my health issues in a much more gentle way.  This sense of ease around these things has freed up so much of my time and energy so that I am able to focus on moving forward with my career.  The time I spent with Sara was so much more than I expected and I am excited to work with her again soon.  She is an amazingly gifted healer who helped me sort out all of the confusion and provided a gentle clarity into the things that I have been using as “excuses” not to step fully into myself and truly love who I AM.  I am forever grateful for having found her and I am excited to be FINALLY moving toward living my authentic life!”

L, Typrin, TX

“Sara Loos is one truly connected soul, a rare soul.  She is authentic, empathetic, present.  I feel profoundly connected to her energy.  She has helped me tons. There are many out there that do this work, but Sara is THE REAL DEAL!  And I thank her for that!”

L Reddington, New York

“I had a fabulous experience with Sara. The best word I can use to describe my experience is “freeing”. I learned valuable information about beliefs – some that I didn’t even realize I had until Sara was able to uncover them. It is amazing when you discover why you do the things you do. There is much that the subconscious controls. I will enjoy and remember my experience forever!”

M. Snyder, Chicago, IL

“Working with Sara over the last year has been a life-altering experience. Her approach was the key to opening my heart and learning how to live my life as an inside-out person. Her extraordinary talent is evident in the results for those that want to dig deep and do the work.

L Miller, CA

“After my initial session with Sara, I felt lighter and more free than I have in a very long time.  The foggy, negative veil was lifted almost immediately to allow me to focus on healing.  Sara gifted me tools in which I can help myself deal with feelings of anger and grief with a more positive outlook.  Her techniques encourage me to move forward to face life challenges without fear and gave me courage to know that I was not moving forward alone.  My co-workers noticed immediately that I was on the road to recovery. I appreciate Sara’s time and her gift of intuitive healing.”

M.Cooper, Fairfield, CT

“Sara’s work intersected with my personal stalemate.  She compassionately led me through a session which changed my energy and helped me connect with the emotions stifling my creativity and perseverance.  Because Sara is so kind, it is possible to be vulnerable.  Our follow up sessions were equally productive and enlightening.  Sara, not only has an intuitive, healing gift but she has the gift of communication and compassion.”

K. Foster, Seattle, WA

“The personal sessions I experienced with Sara and her special insight opened my eyes to some old programs running in the background of my mind that were not healthy nor productive in my personal and professional life and opened the door for long-overdue healing and transformation.  I am excited for all of the individuals and organizations that will benefit from her positive, caring, and life-changing influence. Thank you Sara for being who you are and for sharing your amazing gifts!”

T. Harmon, WA

“Sara’s impact on me has produced a life-changing, personal transformation. I never imagined that I could work through a lifetime of reoccurring patterns, self-sabotaging habits, self-destructive behaviors, low self-esteem, and relationship issues within the first few sessions. Her keen intuition, awareness and intellect, along with her empathetic and non-judgmental approach was miraculous. As an extremely gifted soul coach, Sara has the ability to look into my entire being and give me the words, tools, and exercises to heal the deep wounds that I have carried around my entire life. Many of these can be done anytime, anywhere. Sara has an extraordinary gift for helping others. What surprised me the most is that she makes it easy and fun! It’s nothing like the therapy or counseling I have tried to no avail in the past. It is truly a ground breaking way to sustainable recovery. Choosing to work with Sara over the course of a year was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

T. Thomas, Bloomington, IL

“When I sit down and write my daily blessings, Sara is one of them each and every time.  I am so grateful to her for being such a loving and powerful light in this world, in my world! Sara and Spirit have changed the way I think and talk about everything at the very lowest point of my life.  I now view suffering as an opportunity to progress to a more awakened and enlightened state.  I now understand that it it is possible to find beauty in any situation no matter how challenging!  This new approach to life and deepened level of understanding has caused an amazing shift for me and this is just the beginning, I am very excited about the impact that this change in attitude and behavior is continuing to make in my life!

N. Caparella, Idaho

(A client overcoming childhood trauma) – “My session with Sara was so surprising!  I felt like I was walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, but I kmew that Sara was there, holding my hand, so everything was Ok. She helped me completely shift the enegy of the memories. I can now see what happened to me as a gift. I feel such a sense of release. It’s truly incredible.”

C. Redfern, Santa Ynez, CA

Sara has truly changed my life for the better. The darkness that I always felt is leaving and the light I feel is beautiful. I fall off the path sometimes, but am quickly reminded of the tools she gave me to be in control. Whatever I haven’t been able to let go of in the past is coming towards the surface and I now know that it is showing up so that I can heal it!”

J. Sykes, Bristol, VA

Sara’s impact on me in an extremely short period of time has produced a life-changing, personal transformation for me. I never imagined that I could work through a life-time of reoccurring patterns, self-sabotaging habits, self-destructive behaviors, low self esteem, and past relationship issues within the first few sessions with Sara. Once unearthed, they became pathways to my increased freedom and for peace. I highly recommend her work as a soul coach and intuitive healer.”

L. DeHaven, Santa Ynez, CA

“Sara is a highly talented healer – compassionate, loving and always willing to help. She cares for her clients and cares to create positive changes in their lives. When she gives sessions, she quickly figures out what is going on in her clients’ lives, what belief systems and negative emotions are blocking them and is able to change those emotions and beliefs quickly.”

K. Weingartner, Los Angeles, CA

“My work with Sara Loos produced nothing short of a revolution in my personal life. Weighty, long-held negative beliefs vanished, years of depression rapidly cleared, and I felt empowered to make huge, overdue changes quickly and compassionately. Sara’s work instilled renewed confidence in my abilities, freeing me of the compulsion to put others’ needs before my own in a misguided attempt to feel worthy and make them love me. I highly recommend working with Sara if you feel in any way held back from being the spectacular human being you were born to be.

A Garza, Los Olivos, CA

My first session with Sara completely changed my life for the greater good. Before working with Sara I had a lot of anger, sadness, and trust issues with men. With Sara’s help she could find the root of the issues and help me choose to eliminate them by instilling new beneficial beliefs through Theta Healing. I have been working with Sara for 3 years now and have noticed after every session the feeling of healing and awareness that deeply touches my heart. Not only does Sara give you her undivided time and attention during your session she also does a follow up email full of reminders and plerks (play work) from your session to help you heal and blossom to your true authentic self.”

K. Arementa, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I have had the privilege of working with Sara for over 8 years and in that period of time, my life has gone through some major transitions.  While I possess many resources and tools to help myself through life, Sara has been the one consistent tool that has helped me gently break-through my plateaus and guide me through my most challenging moments.  Her intuitive nature and calm demeanor have always allowed me to feel safe and supported in sharing things about my life that I needed guidance and support.  Beyond traditional therapists and coaches that I have used in the past, Sara gives me concrete “outer-work” or homework to do to help myself support and make active changes.  I like that I am doing the work and have specific tools and guidelines to help myself and I appreciate that I can check-in with her quickly whenever I need to if I need help with my guided work.  When I work with Sara, the results I am hoping for can be immediate.  I started off with Sara as a martyr-like person who never asked nor spoke up for my own needs into a creative entrepreneur pursuing and believing in my dreams.  I owe much of that transformation and growth to Sara’s support, guidance, and tools.  With her, I am reminded that we are here to live our lives full of joy and happiness and I am very grateful for her services.”

J. Gentry, Portland, OR

“I have always been a person afraid of my own power. I really had no balance in my mind or my spirit, and no direction in my soul. The sessions that I had with Sara were scary at first because they caused me to confront myself. But I was guided through the process with love and care and came out the other side with a light bulb switched on in my heart and mind. First I felt nothing. Then after a few days, others started to notice a more kind and gentle me. And I also now have a lot more focus.

M. Spriggs, Mobile, AL

“I was lucky to have a session with Sara where she went intuitively right to the core issue. Her ability to tune into my soul and the story it came to heal and grow through, as well as my blocks and potential remedies is something I reflect on often. In our phone session, I felt the energy and deep knowing come through my own body something I don’t always feel with healing practitioners, especially by phone. This is one of the greatest benefits of our work together – because it actually – resonates so much in my being that i was able to gain greater understanding, acceptance and compassion as a result. As one who is practical and grounded in my choice of healing modalities, I can say Sara is the real deal.”

T. Weeler, Seattle, WA