What Is E3 Influence?

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E3 Influence Sara Loos

E3 Influence is far more than self development. It’s self evolution and human mastery.

Sara’s proprietary way of working is unlike traditional coaching and therapy. Sara focuses on three areas of development to ensure that each person she reaches understands the importance of connecting to our Divine truth in order to completely transform the way we see and experience everything.
She prides herself not just on healing those who come to her, but also teaching them how to heal themselves through her E3 platform. The results are life-changing in ways most never thought were possible.

1) Enlightening Minds – The first challenge involves overcoming old programming/behaviors that limit your ability to choose authentically. Some limitations are brought upon you by negative and often crippling experiences; others are cultural. The key is to overcome these issues and to train our minds to have a new, more productive role.

2) Empowering Hearts – With our minds are enlightened, our soul can then take the lead on all decision-making. The heart is far more powerful and influential than the mind, and creates in all of us authenticity and integrity—which is how we accomplish the empathy, connection and trust required of us to live from higher consciousness.

3) Energized Action – With enlightened minds and empowered hearts, each of us automatically is compelled to passionate and purposeful action. It comes easily, is unquestioned, and the results are wonderfully productive. The reward? Focus, energy and purpose like you’ve never experienced or imagined. Period.