What Is E3 Influence?

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What Is E3 Influence? 2018-01-10T18:37:11+00:00
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E3 Influence is far more than self development. It’s self evolution and human mastery.

There are three parts to the process and the first two must be addressed for the third to be realized. Once it is, your life will begin changing in ways you never thought possible.

1) Enlightening Minds – The first challenge involves overcoming old programming/behaviors that limit your ability to choose authentically. Some limitations are brought upon you by negative and often crippling experiences; others are cultural. The key is to overcome these issues and to train our minds to have a new, more productive role.

2) Empowering Hearts – Once our minds are enlightened, our soul can then become part of the decision-making process. The heart, in fact, is far more powerful and influential than the mind, and creates in all of us authenticity and integrity—which then leads to empathy, connection and ultimately trust.

3) Energized Action –Once the first two anchors are in place, you’ll find that passionate and purposeful action is now easy, unquestioned and wonderfully productive. Now that the limiting behaviors are behind you and trust is part of you, you’ll be rewarded with an energy and purpose you’ve never experienced.