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Not Your Ordinary Coaching Approach


When we are going through big transitional periods in life (be that divorce, change in careers, loss of a loved one), it’s difficult to recognize where to turn, what our next steps should be. Often, we loose site of our potential and shrink into our stories, where we’ll remain stuck unless we find someone with the skills, knowledge and empathy to reach us where we are. That’s where Sara works best.

 Sara firmly believes that each of us, on a soul level, yearns for the natural Connection to our Creator/God/Spirit/Source (you choose the label) — and will benefit enormously once the connection is made. Most of us have gone our entire lives not having any contact with or awareness of this essential guidance system.

Sara’s work begins with teaching you how to discover your most valuable asset—that Connection that provides all the answers, all your highest choices, and which makes ‘your work’ remarkably easy and rewarding. Most importantly, it will set you on a path where you will live ‘on purpose,’ trusting your choices, creating robust relationships and loving your life. The results are exceptional. After all, when someone as awesome as YOU discovers her personal best, many others benefit from your progress.That’s called a spiritual win-win. 


She teaches you how to heal yourself.

While Sara helps you quickly eliminate the negative energy, emotions and stories and behaviors that keep you feeling unfulfilled, she also provides you with unique tools to continue making positive changes on your own. Every session and workshop includes personalized follow-up exercises that help you maintain your positive, purposeful momentum.

THERE’S BOTH inner AND outer WORK.

Real change begins within. Sara helps you tap into the truth of your soul, to fully understand who your are authentically, what you came here to be, what you’re passionate about and what needs deep, intimate healing. Most of the sessions focus on this inner piece as this is subconcious programming that typically goes unnoticed and untapped. This inner piece is where our power is held hostage and Sara is a master at unlocking this inner world. Once the inner work has been completed, she provides the tools and action steps that support your on-going evolution.

sara loos testimonial

Other courses I’ve taken only dealt with the most superficial aspects. Sara dug much deeper and accomplished so much more. And for that I am forever thankful.” — Kelly B


With comprehensive training in multiple healing modalities, Sara will customize her sessions and workshops to meet your particular needs. She is certified in Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Language, and The Mastery Programs from The Tony Robbins Institute, among others. Her greatest tool, however, is her keen intuitive skills, which allow her to go deep to the core of any issue and compassionately understand what is needed for positive—and lasting–change.

Done improperly (as it often is), self-development can feel intimidating, exhausting, and just plain unapproachable. If the concepts being taught are overly complicated and “heady”, you’ll never understand or be able to apply them. Sara prides herself on taking complex subjects, simplifying them, and making them fun.


SAFE, SEEN, solved!

You are special. You have value. You are not broken. You are loved. When you work with Sara, you realize this to be implicitly true. She is empathetic and nurturing, and you feel safe in her presence, which allows you to surrender to the process—and ultimately, to your progress. From this, you will feel genuinely understood and empowered to be your personal best.

Everyone to a degree knows what some of the problematic issues are. But very few know how to address them. For that you need someone not only with the knowledge and objectivity but also the training  and empathetic manner.

That’s where Sara is her personal best.

It’s easy to give advice to others

but difficult to to do what it takes to change your own life. Until now.