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Two to You: Thriving After Divorce.

Sara Loos Divorce Coach

Not Your Ordinary Coaching Approach

Sara works magic in the lives of women who know they need to get free from their relationship in order to be their best and happiest self —- but fear is keeping them stuck. They feel helpless and hopeless. 

They fear divorce or moving on will hurt their children or this person that has been their life partner for so many years. They have given themselves away for so long, they no longer feel they have anything left to give —- and yet they know they are here to do so much more. 

“After my initial session with Sara, I felt lighter and more free than I have in a very long time.  The foggy, negative veil was lifted almost immediately to allow me to focus on healing.”-   M. Cooper CT

Sara has the emotional, spiritual and practical guidance to harness a woman’s hidden power. She helps eliminate the negative energy, emotions and stories and behaviors that keep them feeling fearful and unfulfilled. 

 Sara also provides unique tools to continue making positive changes on your own. Every session and workshop includes personalized follow-up exercises that help her clients maintain a positive, purposeful momentum.

Sara helps her clients move on from struggle and pain, and create a life that is brighter for themselves, their children and former partner. 

Are you ready to move on, towards your best and happiest self? Let’s talk.

Try a free 30 minute consult to answer your questions and see how Sara can help you. This decision is easy. Click here. 

Other courses I’ve taken only dealt with the most superficial aspects. Sara dug much deeper and accomplished so much more. And for that I am forever thankful.” — Kelly B

“My time with Sara was very beneficial. I learned new skills and healthy ways to deal with my pain.” – Karen H.