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Who can you benefit from E3 Influence?

  • Executives and decision makers who want to lead with excellence and integrity to create far-reaching, positive outcomes

  • Organizations who recognize the importance of a people-centered culture and who value empowering their employees to be their personal best

  • Corporations who wish to infuse mindfulness practices to help create more balance and productivity in the workplace.

  • Those who want to understand how to use emotional intelligence (the most powerful ingredient, when combined with skills and knowledge) to provide the leading edge needed in this competitive world.

  • Public figures.  Be the example our world needs.

  • Teachers, coaches, those who mentor our youth. Use your position to impart higher values and consciousness for future generations.

What Results Can I Expect?

  • Eliminate old paradigms that keep you from becoming a visionary and change agent in your field.
  • Inspire others with your new-found clarity and make conscious decisions with speed and confidence.
  • Attract the right people, right circumstances, and right actions easily and effortlessly without the usual frustrations.
  • Create balance and harmony at the office and in all areas of your life.
  • Find your purpose. Discover the impact you were designed to bring to this world.
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“The great become legendary when they teach by example. It is not what they have, nor what they do, but what they have become that inspires all of mankind…” – David Hawkins, MD, PhD

There are many ways to work with Sara Loos.

For first time clients, we suggest an initial, free 30 minute consult to help determine which option is best for you. For more information, Click here.

Release deep, subconscious beliefs, wounds, stories and negative energy that keeps you from being your personal best. In as little as an hour,  Sara’s clients typically experience immediate results – far beyond what years of counseling and other modalities hope to accomplish.  Whatever you require, Sara will guide you in a very gentle, supportive, and loving way, creating the safe space that delivers real results.  These sessions are often considered life-altering and are always well worth the small financial investment. 

Sessions are typically done by phone and can be arranged at whatever time zone best suits your needs, allowing Sara to assist clients around the globe. Hands-on healing sessions are also possible by this same, remote access for people and pets.

Please visit here to provide the information needed so that we may schedule your session as soon as possible.

This program allows a select group of individuals to work with Sara over the course of several months or up to one year in order to create massive transformation in their lives. 

Your service may include weekly or bi-monthly sessions, pending your availability. Your sessions will be customized to your specific needs and will include a combination of healing modalities and coaching, as well as time-tested and proven tools passed on to you so that you are empowered to be your best self in all circumstances.  

If considering this option, please complete the attached questionnaire here and schedule a follow-up conversation with Sara to discuss next steps. 

Sara offers many group workshops that help can help your team members tap into their greatest potential, eliminate creative blocks, improve collaboration, and provide meaning and purpose in the workplace. Sara is especially valuable in understanding the invisible dynamics that weaken teams and diminish productivity. All workshops will be customized for your specific needs.

A passionate and motivating speaker, Sara is a valuable and inspirational addition for corporate events.