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Who can you benefit from E3 Influence?

  • Anyone who desires to create a meaningful relationship with God/Spirit/Creator/Source in order to raise their consciousness and capacity in this lifetime.

  • Those who desire a consistent and meaningful spiritual connection

  • Individuals who have a higher calling and desire to help heal our world

  • Anyone who has struggled with their religious path and is eager to have a personal, authentic experience of God/Spirit/A Higher Being.

What Results Can I Expect?

  • Cultivate higher consciousness concepts that can enlighten and evolve the human race.
  • Access the expansive experience of being deeply connected to God/Spirit/higher power to feel loved and supported at all times.
  • Enact your innate, intuitive nature to discover the truth of all things, providing a powerfully healing perspective to all your circumstances and ease with decision making.
  • Activate a profound sense of gratitude for all things and miraculously attract more goodness.
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“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”–Jackie Robinson

There are many ways to work with Sara Loos.

Once you have your initial consult together you can decide which path is best.

Transformational Coaching – 3 or 6 months

This is a special invitation for those who are ready to awaken their greatest, godly potential. Learn how to connect with your soul to receive loving, supportive and truthful answers at all times. You too can create a life of purpose, meaning and joy. It’s more simple than you imagine when you work with Sara privately for 3-6 months. Overcome the man-made and cultural lies that you’ve come to own and which keep you stuck in pain and struggle. This is the path to true Connection. What are you waiting for?


VIP days are designed for full immersion with Sara in those areas of your life that require intensive, powerful release and renewal – huge shifts in your thinking and behavior – in just ONE day.  This option is best for you if you are love personalized attention, want immediate satisfaction, and are willing to invest in yourself to make BIG things happen quickly.  The VIP experience includes accommodations and travel to a beautiful, boutique hotel in Santa Barbara, California.  Come prepared to let go of your ‘hold backs’ and leave with a new lease on life and action plans to keep your momentum strong and prosperous. VIP days are also available virtually, should travel not be an option.

Hire Sara for on-site workshops with your congregation. 

Sara offers many group workshops that can help your members personally implement the greatest teachings: unconditional love (absence of judgement), faith (absence of fear), hope, miracles. experience Connection and the importance of their personal power. Magical things happen when others take ownership of their beliefs.

Transformational Workshops – check back for news of upcoming events

If you are interested in learning more about your spiritual coaching options, click here.