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Group mentoring programs provide in-depth learning and experience on specific topics throughout the year. Check the “Events” section to find out which group offerings are currently available. Each has been carefully crafted to provide proven results in the way of helping individuals better understand themselves, their connections, and their world so they can have the life they desire and deserve.

September 28th – Relationship Reboot Program
Four Week Course Curriculum $749

For women who are fully committed to making real, lasting, conscious changes in their relation-ships.

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If you’re feeling trapped in what seems like and endless loop of despair, rejection, criticism, or judgment from a partner, close friend, or family member, and you desire ending this negative cycle, this program is for you.

We’ll be exploring your energy on how you ‘show up’ in your relationships. We’ll take a look at your past life connections and heal any limiting beliefs for agreements that you have subconsciously chosen that keep you from feeling deeply loved and honored here, now.  You see, many of us are living out the choices made lifetimes ago without our knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great to update and upgrade those choices? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know why we agreed to certain experiences and partnerships in the first place? And even more important, shouldn’t we be able to change our mind and and ‘order’ new outcomes?

4 week program held via webinar

  • 1.5 hours each class. Includes 1 hour lesson and 30 minute Q&A to assist participants with their personal questions and concerns.
  • Plus one personalized, one-hour private session with Sara.
  • Use this time to get Sara’s breakthrough modalities applied to your relationship(s) and come away with deep understanding and healing that is nothing less than transformative.

Week One – Awareness

What specific patterns repeat themselves in your relationships?
What are the lessons to be learned from them?
How can the pain you feel be transformed into fuel to love more deeply and authentically?
What is your heart calling you to do/experience?

Week Two – Forgiveness.

Learn how to use Sara’s divine approach to healing deep wounds and to overcome lifetimes of sorrow and regret. Also learn to understand and embrace the need for exquisite boundaries to prevent future harm and pain with others.

Week Three – Divine Conscious Coupling.
Learn how to access your highest level of consciousness to dramatically change all your relationships for GOOD.

Week Four – Real Game Changers

Learn Sara’s two favorite energy influencers that shift the dynamics of relationships quickly, magically. It’s easier (and more fun) that you can possibly imagine!

Previous Programs – Registration Closed

September 12th! Divine Intentions Women’s Sacred Circle
12 Week Course – Meetings every 2 weeks ($150)

The perfect place for women to feel safe in their process of exploring their authentic, divine nature. 

womens sacred circle

Together we will explore the mystery of the Now and the impact that are awakening is creating in our reality. We’ll share the stirrings of our souls and explore how best to use spiritual tools to heal our deepest wounds and even our world.

My clients all say the sharing time from groups is their favorite way to BE with each other. This is the space in which I can do my favorite work. As you share and allow me to facilitate, magical things occur. This is a sacred place where we love, support and encourage one another to be the best version of ourselves. If you’re feeling the call for on-going support, the women’s circle is a lovely way for you to nurture yourself and be wholly seen and heard.

  • The circle will meet every 2 weeks, on Tuesdays at 10AM PST. (Please note this schedule may be revised, pending group vote to make best accommodations for all members).
  • Recordings of each call will be available for play back, should you miss a circle call.
  • Membership will be limited to 12 attendees so as to keep the nature of the work intimate.
  • Circle participation will be billed at $25 per call. Membership requires 6 weeks minimum commitment, paid in advance. ($150)
  • Circle enrollment ends August 31st. First session scheduled for September 12 at 10AM PST.
  • A Sacred Agreement will be signed by all members prior which ensures confidentiality of content and that each woman holds the space sacred and will encourage the highest good for the other members at all times.

September 14th – Embrace Your Divine Super Powers
Level 1 Training – 6 Week Course, only $557

For Those Who Are Highly Sensitive and Called to Make a Difference


Many of us are light workers and healers that hold the ability to affect a positive change in our communities and are vital in raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole.  With loving support and guidance, you can learn to trust your empathic nature and turn your “sensitivities” into “super powers” that will magically transform your life and those around you.

Almost 20 years ago, I was in this exact place of overwhelm, confusion, doubt, fear, and knew I had to make a change because I was here to do more!

  • Are you extremely sensitive to loud noises, large crowds, other people’s negative energy, strong smells, violence on the news or social media, allergies to foods/chemicals?
  • Do people tell you that you are “too sensitive” or you often cry when reading or hearing other people’s stories?
  • Do you often just “know” what people are going to say before they say it or have a sense of what they are feeling without them telling you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of these feelings and sensitivities and want to understand what to do with them and how to manage them better?

Group mentoring programs provide in-depth learning and experience on specific topics throughout the year. There are many advantages to participating in a Group Mentoring program or workshop.

  • Support not only comes from Sara, but from peers within the group.

  • Provides for greater exposure to multiple levels of expertise and knowledge as each participant brings their own competencies that can be shared.

  • Diversity within the group brings a diversity of perspective to issues as well as to a greater understanding in general.

  • This can also be combined with Sara’s Private Mentoring programs to enhance your progress toward enlightenment even further.

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