Sara is a gifted holistic healer, empowerment coach and divorce mentor.

She works with women online and in person to help them break free of pain and doubt and create a life of authentic joy.  

Sara has helped thousands of women harness their internal power in order to discover the life they were meant to live. 

“Sara gave me the courage and the tools to leave my abusive husband.  Her unique methods were so loving and yet very empowering to get me through all the necessary steps. She has given me the gift of freedom, which is truly priceless!” – Laurie S.

“Sara is a PEACEFUL LIGHT! One of the first things Sara said to me was, “Take 3 steps in the next 24 hours, I promise you’ll feel empowered”.  That’s when my Transformation began! I arose from Sara’s coaching program knowing I wasn’t a shameful or disregarded ‘divorced woman’ but a strong woman of change!” – Leigh M.

“My time with Sara was very beneficial. I learned new skills and healthy ways to deal with my pain.” – Karen H.

“Sara has truly changed my life for the better. The darkness that I always felt is leaving and the light I feel is beautiful.” -Julie S.

If you are ending a marriage,
it may be time for new vows.

“I vow our kids will always feel safe and loved.”

“I vow to be financially strong.”

“I vow to reinvent my self and grow.”

“I vow to find guidance and support.”

“I vow to be happy again.”

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